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Support for parents

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Clinical level

The NHS provide a simple overview of some of the support for new parents, which is covered further in the sections below
Services and support for parents Services and support for parents – NHS

The role of being a parent is wide ranging, changing overtime as children grow older and is also potentially impacted by other factors. This is all covered in the sections below with links to local and national support.



From the Family Support Service (Buckinghamshire Council)


From Buckinghamshire Family Information Service
Parenting support and courses available Parenting courses and support | Family Information Service


From Connection support
Parenting Support: “Our Boost service provides volunteer Parenting Mentors who support, encourage and share parenting ideas to help you develop more skills and confidence as a parent and feel more able to manage day to day”.  Parenting Support | Connection Support

Further local support

Parents may need to support their children in a number of areas, and there is good local support to help including with:


Supporting development

Physical wellbeing

Good Physical Wellbeing can support both children and parents, with some people tackling this as a family. This includes local support in the areas of

Reducing risk factors for some important health conditions can support both parents and children and is well supported locally

Home life and finances

Supporting home life

Mental wellbeing

For all parents and children even without a mental health condition an attention to mental and social wellbeing can be helpful as a family.

Mental health

There is good local support for mental health conditions for both children and parents including with

Bullying can occur at school and during further education. There is good support for the victims of bullying

Events in children’s lives may need to be supported including

Health conditions

There is information which can help parents support their child with a health condition

In particular common long term health conditions are well supported with a number of national helplines

Learning disability

There is good local support for children with a disability

As a parent if you have a role as a carer you may want some support


For support for relationships, see under


From YoungMinds
Parents Helpline and Webchat Parents Helpline | Mental Health Help for Your Child | YoungMinds

From Family Lives

Contact the NSPCC helpline: If you’re worried about a child, even if you’re unsure, contact our professional counsellors for help, advice and support. (scroll to the bottom of the page for helpline) Support for parents | NSPCC

Further support

There is support which will be relevant to certain groups of patients, see below:

Helping parents Support disabled children

From Contact

  • Our helpline is for parents and carers in any part of the UK with a disabled child aged from birth to 25. Contact us | Contact
  • Our 1-1 telephone appointments for parent carers looking for emotional support. Listening Ear | Contact

Single parents

From Gingerbread
Talk to us: advice on any aspect of single parenting Talk to us | Gingerbread

Support for anyone of any age

From Samaritans
If you’re worried about someone else If you’re worried about someone else | Samaritans



From the NHS
Advice for parents Advice for parents – NHS This includes a number of helpful articles which includes amongst them:




Learning disabilities: Care for a child

From NCT (the National Charity for Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenthood.)
Life as a parent (Early years) Life as a parent | NCT

From Young minds
For Parents Find help – for parents

From Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Advice for parents and carers Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Parents and carers | Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

From Family Lives


From Relate
Help with family life and parenting Help with Family Life and Parenting – Counselling and Advice | Relate

From the Royal College of Psychiatrists
This is a large guide which covers a lot of areas
Young people’s mental health: Info for Parents and Carers Young people’s mental health | Royal College of Psychiatrists


From Gingerbread
Information Find information | Gingerbread


Childcare and parenting Browse: Childcare and parenting – GOV.UK


From Anna Freud
“Our clinical team at the Centre has put together some tips for parents and carers experiencing conflict, and advice on reducing the impact of conflict between parents and carers on children.”
Parents and carers in conflict or separating Parents and carers in conflict or separating | Anna Freud

Looking after yourself – some simple ideas

 As UNICEF suggest
“Parenting is hard. It’s a full-time job and many parents find themselves prioritizing their family’s well-being before their own.”
Self-care for parents Self-care for parents | UNICEF Parenting

From Anna Freud
Self-care for all parents and carers Self-care for parents and carers | Anna Freud

Videos and podcasts

From family Lives
Family Lives “designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children from ages 0-19, with a collection of over 200 videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.” Family Lives – YouTube

Other videos

On the videos and podcasts page there are links to some other potentially relevant videos and podcasts including covering the topic of babies and toddlers.

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