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Private Medical Care

Many patients even if they do not have health insurance may end up accessing some form of private care. Sometimes this is done for a quicker appointment, sometimes it is done for services not available on the NHS or for more extensive treatment that cannot be provided on the NHS (e.g., longer and more sessions of physiotherapy).


The section on Private Community services includes pages on

You do not normally need a GP referral for such community services, but occasionally an insurance company may insist one is done. For information on free NHS referrals see under NHS community services.


If you want to find a Non-NHS therapist,  Mind have produced a very helpful guidance on options beyond the usual NHS options which includes private therapists.

From Mind

You do not normally need any GP referral to access private counselling (The one exception may be if an insurance company insists on this but this is now unusual as it delays your appointment). For information on free NHS self referrals see under Anxiety and depression – adults and anxiety and depression – children.


Some procedures are not normally covered on the NHS. There is more information on what conditions/ procedures may not be covered under the page Conditions which may not be funded on the NHS (Hospital). If funding (and thus NHS care) is likely to be rejected some patients will chose to go privately. There is information on minor surgery and cosmetic surgery in the links below.


Private care can be a complex world to navigate. Some of the questions commonly asked of GPs about private medical care (hospital based) are included in the link below to “Private Care Principles”. This includes links to some local private services, though no personal recommendation is made.


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