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support for work

Finding a job can be transformational in improving a person’s wellbeing. In addition, knowing there are alternative jobs out there if struggling in a job for whatever reason can take some of the pressure off the present job. There is local support if you are struggling in work, returning to work or finding new work. This and other opportunities are included below :

 Local career-related information

From the Bucks Skills Hub
“The website gives you invaluable career-related information, including guides to different job sectors, case studies on the world of work, how to make yourself more employable, and much more! Take a look around to find inspiration”

a local job

From Job centre guide

  • What is the Jobcentre Plus? “Jobcentre Plus is a government-funded employment agency and social security office that can be found in most cities, whose aim it is to help people of working age find employment in the UK.” What is the Jobcentre Plus?
  • JobCentre Plus Offices JobCentre Plus Offices

A few Job Centres Plus in and around Buckinghamshire
One client wrote about a job centre in Buckinghamshire “I wish I hadn’t left it so long………I spoke to a friend who has also been there and she agreed with me that the staff were so helpful, kind, compassionate and caring and did their best to advise and help you.”

From Gov UK
Find a job Find a job – GOV.UK

From Buckinghamshire Council
Find a job in Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire Council Jobs | Find a job in Buckinghamshire

Vacancies in local GP practices

The Vacancies tab on this website gives details of some local GP practice jobs when available.

Advice for Work problems

From Citizens Advice
You can discuss problems relating to work directly with the citizen advice Bucks service.

Local citizen advice offices are listed below, if you believe you need to book a face to face appointment, but you can also use their search engine to find the office closest to you.


Southern and Central Buckinghamshire

Northern Buckinghamshire


From Christians against poverty
Helping people from all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and faiths
Your local CAP Job Club in Buckinghamshire is a friendly place where you will get practical help as you seek employment. Find your local job club | Christians Against Poverty

From Buckinghamshire Council
Employment and volunteering opportunities: Advice around finding paid employment if you have a disability Employment and volunteering opportunities | Care Advice Buckinghamshire

Mental health support

From Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies
The NHS psychology service in Buckinghamshire
Employment support Employment support – NHS Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies

  • “Do you have a work-related issue? “
  • “Do you want support in returning to work if you have been off with sickness?”
  • “Do you want to regain work if not working?


The adult education page provides information and a helpline on local support for a range of learning activities. These can result in a formal qualification which can help with getting a job, or provide a life skill such as learning how to use a computer and the internet. Learning if done in a group can also be sociable. See under


There is information on local opportunities to volunteer, see under


From Citizens Advice
You can discuss a range of problems with work (see their helpful guide in question below “What general information is there on problems at work?”)
Helpline includes “Call our national phone line” and “Talk to us online”    Contact us – Citizens Advice

Free impartial advice on employment rights, best practice and policies and resolving workplace conflict (both for employees and employers) Contact us | Acas

Mental Wellbeing

From Maximus
Improve your wellbeing at work. If you’re having more down days or feeling anxious in your role, you are not alone. The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is here for you. Home – Access to Work



As the NHS suggest
“Feeling low or anxious is a normal response when you’ve lost your job, been made redundant, or you’re struggling with debt. You may be feeling, behaving or thinking in ways that are unfamiliar. But that does not necessarily mean you’ve got depression or an anxiety disorder.”
“Coping with financial worries” The NHS website. Retrieved 14th March 2024.

The NHS suggests simple ways to to support your physical, mental and social wellbeing and when you should seek medical help. This article considers financial worries but can be applied to any worry related to work.
Coping with financial worries – NHS


There is good local support to help you improve your wellbeing:


For all of us even without a health condition an attention to mental, social and physical wellbeing can be helpful. It can also help us better cope with any stressful situation.

Good physical wellbeing can support the treatment of a number of health conditions and help with mental wellbeing. Local support is available in the following areas

Reducing risk factors for some health conditions is beneficial. In addition, alcohol can increase feelings of anxiety. There is good local support to help with

Mental health

Issues with work can on occasions lead to anxiety and depression. There is good local and national support for mental health, see under


Answers are provided to some common questions asked about fit (sick) notes, including what to do in various situations. See under


finding a job

From Gov UK
Excellent guide with a range of information and support on finding a job
Browse: Finding a job : A to Z Browse: Finding a job – GOV.UK

From Job centre guide

  • What is the Jobcentre Plus? “ Jobcentre Plus is a government-funded employment agency and social security office that can be found in most cities, whose aim it is to help people of working age find employment in the UK.” What is the Jobcentre Plus?
  • JobCentre Plus Offices JobCentre Plus Offices

From Gov UK
You can enter a town, county or postcode to find a job
Find a job Find a job – GOV.UK

From Age UK
Though Age UK represent older people much of the advice applies to everyone looking for a job and is an excellent summary.
Looking for work Helping older people look for work | Age UK

From Citizens Advice
Getting a job reference Getting a job reference – Citizens Advice

From Prospects
This is a site for students but some of the advice could apply to everyone

From the NHS
Work and disability Work and disability – NHS

From Gov UK
Looking for work if you’re disabled Looking for work if you’re disabled – GOV.UK 

problems at work

From the NHS

From Citizens Advice
An excellent resource which covers all aspects of work
Work  Work – Citizens Advice

From Gov UK
Workplace bullying and harassment Workplace bullying and harassment – GOV.UK 

Maternity and parental rights

From the NHS
Maternity and paternity benefits and leave Maternity and paternity benefits and leave – NHS

From Citizens Advice
Check your maternity and parental rights Check your maternity and parental rights – Citizens Advice

From Gov UK
Maternity Allowance Maternity Allowance: Overview – GOV.UK

avoiding musculoskeletal disorders at work

Reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders include injuries and conditions that can affect the back, joints and limbs is possible. Further information on reducing this risk including with sitting less, adopting the the correct posture, and good handling techniques (including information for employers) see  “Reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders at work” in the “frequently asked questions” under

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