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sexual health clinics explained

From the NHS and Patient info
Understanding how to easily access a sexual health clinic without needing to see your GP and what they offer

Sexual health Buckinghamshire

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Overview of all services Buckinghamshire Sexual Health and Wellbeing
Urgent support

Non-urgent services

Booking appointments

Other support

Patients living in Berkshire who are under a Buckinghamshire GP may find it is more convenient to use Berkshire services which are included below. Further support includes:

Local support for emergency contraception

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Explains emergency contraception and all the options, including a list of the community pharmacists who prescribe emergency hormonal contraception.
Emergency contraception Emergency Contraception | Sexual Health Bucks

“Community Pharmacies provide Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) in Buckinghamshire  – free for all women aged 13+. Please note for Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) you MUST call the pharmacy prior to attending to confirm the appropriate pharmacist is on duty.”

General information

Further explanation from the NHS on emergency contraception
Emergency contraception Emergency contraception – NHS
This includes

For Berkshire patients all options

From Safe Sex Berkshire
See on page box labelled ” Emergency contraception”, this links to a list of community pharmacists who can prescribe emergency hormonal contraception (free for a certain age group) and links to the local sexual health clinics  Home – Safe Sex Berkshire

For Buckinghamshire patients

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire

  • Contraception (all forms including implants and IUDS)
    “Remember, for all forms of contraception you can self-refer to your local bSHaW Sexual Health Clinic or call to book an appointment. There is no need to see your GP first.”
    Contraception (includes where your closest clinic is) Contraception | Sexual Health Bucks
  • Free condoms
    There are various schemes for different ages which offer a free and confidential service to obtain free condoms. How Can I Get Free Condoms | Sexual Health Bucks
  • Repeat hormonal contraception
    Order repeat Oral Contraception Prescriptions (only available to women who have accessed the oral contraceptive pill from Bucks Sexual Health Service within the last year.) Repeat Oral Contraception Prescriptions | Sexual Health Bucks

contraception information

For information on contraception to help you consider your options see the “Contraception information” section under


From Safe Sex Berkshire


From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
If you are pregnant and need advice and options
Unplanned pregnancy advice Unplanned pregnancy | Sexual Health Bucks


For an unplanned pregnancy, information to help you consider your options can be found in the “local self-referral” section under

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Pre exposure prophylaxis HIV (PrEP) What is Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)? | Sexual Health Bucks

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Local bSHaW Sexual Health Clinic support
LGBT*+ LGBT*+ | Sexual Health Bucks

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has 3 dedicated HIV clinics
HIV care & support in Buckinghamshire bSHaW HIV Treatment and Care | Sexual Health Bucks

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Clinic support
Men who have sex with men Men who have sex with men | Sexual Health Bucks


From Safe Sex Berkshire

From the Garden Clinic (Upton Hospital)
The Garden Clinic provides a free, confidential, non-judgemental, integrated Sexual Health Service in Slough, Bracknell and Maidenhead. Garden Clinic – Safe Sex Berkshire

Search for sexual health services

From Brook
You can search using the Brook “Find a service” search engine (you just need to tick under nearest services “NHS” after you have completed your search as the Brook centres will likely to be too far away). You are able to get the nearest NHS sexual health service to you even though you still need to book an appointment over the phone or online.

From the NHS
Enter your postcode to find a service near you

From the NHS
Find chlamydia – free online tests for u-25s services Find chlamydia – free online tests for u-25s services – NHS



From the NHS
“The national sexual health helpline 0300 123 7123”
Where can I get sexual health advice, now? Where can I get sexual health advice, now? – NHS

Other helplines

Other helplines include:

lgbt+ support

From the Switchboard LGBT+ helpline
Can advise and signpost on sexual health
Advice and understanding Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

hiv support

From the Terence Higgins Trust
Support HIV and sexual health
THT Direct helpline THT Direct helpline | Terrence Higgins Trust

National Chlamydia Screening Programme under 25

As GOV UK suggest
“Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection (STI) in England. The prevalence of infection is highest in young sexually active women (15 to 24 year olds).Chlamydia often has no symptoms but, if left untreated, can have serious health complications in women including pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and tubal factor infertility. The primary aim of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme is to reduce the health harm caused by untreated chlamydia infection.”
NCSP: programme overview. The Gov UK website. Retrieved 14th February 2024
NCSP: programme overview – GOV.UK

From the NHS
The article suggests when you should get tested for chlamydia. This includes when a person under 25 should consider more regular testing. Chlamydia – Diagnosis – NHS


How to get a chlamydia test is explained in the local self referral section on this page. This includes, how in certain situations you can order a Home STI Test kit, rather than needing to attend a clinic.

General information


The NHS has a whole section on Sexual Health

From the NHS
Sexual Health Sexual health – NHS

Services and advice now

Common health questions: Sexual health Sexual health – NHS

From the NHS
Sexually transmitted diseases

Non sexually transmitted infections

From Sexwise
Produced by the Family Planning Association
Simple well-presented information

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
This is the website of the sexual health service in Buckinghamshire

From Brook (Healthy lives for young people)
This is an excellent website for younger people with detailed information in all areas of sexual health
Ask Brook: A guide to sexual health and wellbeing. Help & Advice – Brook

From Patient info
Sexual health (includes sexually transmitted infection and contraception as well) Sexual Health | STIs and Contraception | Patient

Sexual health including Sexual health conditions and contraception Sexual health | Specialities | CKS | NICE

Non sexually transmitted infections such as
Candida- female genital Candida – female genital | Health topics A to Z | CKS | NICE


For information on contraception to help you consider your options see the “Contraception information” section under


For an unplanned pregnancy, information to help you consider your options can be found in the “local self-referral” section under

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