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Eating Disorders (Adults)

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Clinical level

As the NHS suggests
Anyone can get an eating disorder. With treatment, most people can recover from an eating disorder.
Overview – Eating disorders. The NHS Website. Retrieved 2nd February 2024.


From Eating Disorder Support Buckinghamshire
Eating Disorders Support is an organisation providing help and support to anyone affected by an eating problem such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder. Support is provided via a confidential phone helpline, email support, or online self-help group meetings.”

From Beat
“Helpfinder”: “It’s an online directory of eating disorder support services. Type in your postcode along with the age of the person with the eating disorder and Helpfinder will show you services in your area.” Note: you may not find any extra local services not already covered on this page but this has been included as it is continually updated and may be helpful for those living just outside Buckinghamshire for finding services in neighbouring areas.
Welcome to helpfinder Welcome to HelpFinder – HelpFinder



From Beat

From Talk ED
Support services: “Whether you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder or any form of eating distress, you deserve help. We are here for you.”
Support services – TalkED


REFERRAL if 18 and over

From Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Over 18
This service does need a GP referral to the Bucks Community Eating Disorder Service but more information about the service is provided here  Cotswold House Bucks Community Eating Disorder Service | Cotswold House

Referral if under 18

If you are under 18 then you can self-refer without needing to see a GP. How to do this is explained under


From the NHS, Patient info and NICE
Eating disorders

From Mind
Eating problems Eating problems – Mind

From Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)
Detailed evidence-based guidelines produced for patients based on a systematic review of the scientific literature. Very helpfully the patient booklet, visually shows how strong the evidence is for any treatment recommendation made.
Eating disorders Eating disorders (

From the NHS and Patient info
Anorexia nervosa


From Beat


From Beat
Excellent advice on supporting someone. See under booklet “Guides for friend and family” Supporting Someone

From the NHS
Also as the NHS suggest “Do not underestimate the importance of your love and support.”


“This package is currently designed for parents and carers of young people (aged up to 25) in Scotland who have recently received a diagnosis of an eating disorder and are about to or have just started treatment. This package is not designed to be an independent treatment model nor is it in place of professional advice.” This easy to follow website, has a lot of good information but note that as a Scottish website some aspects may not apply in England (e.g. access to Scottish services). CARED – SCOTLAND

From Feed Your Instinct
Feed Your Instinct (FYI) is an online tool funded by local Australian Government.
“Feed Your Instinct (FYI) is an interactive tool designed to support parents of children and young people experiencing different types of eating and/or body image problems.” Feed Your Instinct – Relationships with food, weight or their body

From F.E.A.S.T
“a global organisation which provides information and support to parents and carers of people with eating disorders.” FEAST: Support and resources for families affected by eating disorders

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