Support Over Your Lifetime

Home (including a healthier life, safety and recreation)

Home can be the one constant in our lives while everything changes around us such as education, work and age. Home may not just be a place but is also importantly the relationships in that place. Often home can be a source of constancy and support but on occasions there can be issues some of which are covered in this section.


The sections on mental, social and physical wellbeing cover how our wellbeing at home can be improved.


Keeping safe at home includes both the physical, covered under the section Reducing your risk of an accident at home and the virtual, covered below in online safety.


Home can be the place where our main relationships occur. There is support for relationship under the section relationships which includes better relationships and Support for parents.


There is good local support in the sections on Alcohol and drugs and Smoking which can impact on health in the home. While gambling and gaming though potentially a source of enjoyment can also on occasions cause problems and support for these can be found below.


Less commonly crime does occur at home and this is covered under the section Crime which includes Domestic abuse.

Improving health and reducing health inequalities

For steps to improve everyone’s health and reduce local health inequalities, see under

This page does not just include medical support but potential support in other areas of life.

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