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Clinical level

As internet matters suggests
“81% of under 18s regularly play online games and in moderation, gaming can be fun, sociable and interactive with opportunities for children and young people to learn and solve problems. Most will not experience any harm but there are known impacts of gaming addiction in children you need to be aware of.”
“Expert advice on gaming addiction in young people and children.” Internet Matters website. Retrieved 12th October 2022
Online gaming in young people and children | Internet Matters

From Internet Matters
Simple strategies to support enjoyable gaming and to prevent addiction are covered by internet matters. Safe Gaming Advice Hub | Internet Matters

Local support - self referral

Gaming addiction can impact on physical, social and mental wellbeing and on occasions can impact mental health. There is local support for:

Wellbeing and mental health

Local support for wellbeing includes

Support for mental health includes


Emotional support

From Childline
If you’re under 19 you can confidentially call, chat online or email about any problem big or small.” Get Support | Childline

From the MIX
UK based charity that provides free, confidential support for young people under 25 via online, social and mobile.
Get Support Get Support – The Mix

NHS National centre for gaming disorders – provide treatment

From the NHS
If you have complex problems ( defined under “How to refer”) with gaming addiction and are aged 13 or over,  you can self-refer (or a family member can refer you) to the National Centre for Gaming Disorders National Centre for Gaming Disorders | A gaming addiction clinic in the UK



From Internet Matters

From Patient info
Gaming disorder   Gaming Disorder (Gaming Addiction) | Symptoms and Treatment | Patient

From Young Minds
Gaming and mental health Gaming and Mental Health | Getting Mental Health Support | YoungMinds

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