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As the NHS suggest
“Overall, you’re up to 3 times more likely to stop smoking for good if you use a combination of stop smoking treatment and receive support from an NHS Stop Smoking Service.”
“NHS stop smoking services help you quit”. The NHS website. Retrieved 19th January 2024.

You can directly self-refer to the local NHS stop smoking service


From Be Healthy Bucks
Stop smoking   Home – Be Healthy Bucks

From Buckinghamshire Council
Includes the local public health strategy and if there any campaigns or future changes
Stop smoking Why quit smoking


From Health & Wellbeing Slough
Stop smoking Stop Smoking – HWS Slough

Search for your local stop smoking service

On occasions you may find a stop smoking service which is closer to you than those above, particularly if you live on the boundary of Buckinghamshire.

From Better Health NHS
Find your local Stop Smoking Service Find Your Local Stop Smoking Service (LSSS) – Better Health – NHS



From Better Health NHS


The benefits are not just physical but also mental

From the NHS
Stopping smoking for your mental health  Stopping smoking for your mental health – NHS

supportive information on giving up

From NHS Better Health
Quit smoking. This includes quitting tips, an app and other support. Quit smoking – Better Heath – NHS 

From the NHS
Quit smoking Quit smoking – NHS

From Asthma and Lung UK
How to stop smoking How to stop smoking booklet – Asthma + Lung UK

From the British Heart foundation
Smoking Smoking | BHF

From Smokefree.gov
This excellent American government website is dedicated to helping people give up smoking. Though the services referred to are services from USA, there will usually be an equivalent in the UK, such as the services referred to above. There is substantial information with supportive ideas on all aspects of giving up smoking, including helping others quit. Home | Smokefree

From Patient info
Quit Smoking Quit Smoking (Smoking Cessation) | Patient

Smoking cessation Smoking cessation | Health topics A to Z | CKS | NICE

A richer life

As NHS inform (Scotland) suggest
“Quitting smoking really does lead to a richer life in more ways than one.”
Calculate my savings Calculate my savings – Stopping smoking | NHS inform

lifestyle changes

Importantly you can also consider how one can make any changes part of a new lifestyle which is much more likely to make the changes permanent. Further information can be found under

Videos and podcasts

On the videos and podcasts page there are links to some relevant videos and podcasts covering the topic of smoking.

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