Crime (including domestic abuse)

Domestic abuse

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Clinical level


If you or someone you know is in danger, or at risk of serious or immediate harm, call 999.

From the Thames Valley Police
“Thames Valley Police wants to remind the public that the force will never tolerate domestic abuse. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to provide help and support.”
In an emergency always call 999 – explains how to call them and what to do if you cannot speak on the phone. Also includes how contact them in a non-emergency  Domestic abuse | Thames Valley Police

Local domestic abuse services

From Reducing the Risk – Buckinghamshire
Helplines for all main domestic abuse services in Buckinghamshire (scroll down the page to see these helplines) Buckinghamshire | Reducing the Risk
Also includes other helplines

If you live in counties bordering Buckinghamshire, see below for other local domestic abuse helplines

How to delete your internet browser history

From Herts Sunflower
How to delete your browser history

Further support

There is significant local support to help you with different issues including:


From Buckinghamshire Council
This is a very clear summary of the support available in Buckinghamshire Get help and support | Buckinghamshire Council


From Aylesbury Women’s Aid
Need Help? Need help now? – Aylesbury Womens Aid

From Wycombe Women’s Aid
Support is also on offer for male victims.

From the Dash charity
Based in Slough covering the area of Berkshire East and South Bucks (Iver, Taplow and Burnham). Support is also on offer for male victims.
Our Services Services | DASH Charity

Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead

From the Dash charity
Our Services and helpline Services | DASH Charity

From Reducing the Risk – Slough
Helplines Slough | Reducing the Risk


From Herts Sunflower
Home page and helpline Herts Sunflower


From Reducing the Risk – Oxfordshire
Home page and helplines including A2 domestic abuse helpline  Oxfordshire | Reducing the Risk

West Berkshire ( Bracknell, Reading and Wokingham)

From Berkshire Womens Aid
Need Help NOW with Domestic Abuse? Helpline Need Help NOW with Domestic Abuse? – Berkshire Women’s Aid (BWA)

From Reducing the Risk – West Berkshire
Helplines West Berkshire | Reducing the Risk


From Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Sexual Assault and Abuse Support Service.
Provide support, information, advice and guidance to anyone affected by sexual assault and abuse, including non-recent and childhood sexual abuse. Sexual Assault and Abuse Support Service Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes

From Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Service
Support to anyone aged 16 years old plus in Wycombe, South Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. Contact Us | RSASS

From Trust House
“We provide free and confidential support to anyone affected by sexual abuse in the Thames Valley”
Helpline Helpline – Trust House


From Victims First

From the Thames Valley Partnership – Hope after Harm
Any victim living in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire (including Milton Keynes) and Oxfordshire can access our support. We can provide help regardless of whether or not the crime has been reported to the police.
What we do includes “victim first emotional support service” What We Do – Hope After Harm

Out of hours service

From Victim Support
National support for victims of crime.  Need help after crime? Includes a national helpline which is available “anytime for independent, free, and confidential advice.” Home – Victim Support

Children and young people

From SASH – supporting children and young people
SASH is a partnership project providing support to children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse or sexual harm.
About Sash (includes self-referral) SASH BUCKS

Support if you live outside Buckinghamshire

From Victims Support
Find help near you (if you live outside Buckinghamshire the search engine will signpost you to your local support )  – scroll down page to fill in form Home – Victim Support

From Wycombe Women’s Aid
Provides links to a number of helpful local services, (particularly some local charities which may not have been listed in this section) Useful Links | Wycombe Womens Aid

From Aylesbury Women’s Aid
“We are running the Freedom Programme for women across Buckinghamshire.”
The Freedom Programme and other courses: Freedom Programme – Aylesbury Womens Aid

The aim of the programme is:

  • To help women who have experienced domestic violence make sense of and understand what has happened to them.
  • To recognise potential future abusers.
  • To help women gain self-esteem and the confidence to improve their lives, instead of the whole experience just feeling like a horrible mess.


Domestic abuse can lead to anxiety and depression. There is good local support, see under


The national domestic abuse helpline

From Refuge
The freephone, 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline How we can support you – National Domestic Abuse Helpline

From Women’s Aid
“Connect to one of our support workers with our instant messaging service.”
Live chat Live Chat FAQs – Women’s Aid

links with helplines

Gov UK provide an excellent summary of national support for domestic abuse
Domestic abuse: how to get help Domestic abuse: how to get help – GOV.UK

From Reducing the Risk – Buckinghamshire
National helplines National services | Reducing the Risk

Further national helplines

There is further support available in the following areas:


From the National Centre for Domestic Violence
Free service allows anyone who has recently suffered or been threatened with domestic abuse or violence to apply for an emergency court injunction. This can sometimes be issued within 24 hours of making contact with us. We work in close partnership with the police, solicitors and other support agencies (Refuge, Women’s Aid etc) to help victims obtain speedy protection.
Make a referral for yourself or a friend Self Referral For An Emergency Injunction · NCDV


From Respect
Helpline for male victims of domestic abuse Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men | Men’s Advice Line UK

From Mankind
“For many men, calling our anonymous helpline is the first step they have made in talking to someone else about the problems they face.”
How we can help How we can help – Mankind


From Victim Support
National support for victims of crime.  Need help after crime? Home – Victim Support

From Gov UK
Forced Marriage support including public helpline Forced marriage – GOV.UK

From Karma Nirvana
“We are here to listen and to help anyone who is affected by Honour Based Abuse. If you are in an emergency situation, please call 999.” Helpline Helpline – Karma Nirvana


From Respect
For perpetrators of domestic abuse
Respect Phoneline – confidential helpline, email and webchat service for domestic abuse perpetrators and those supporting them. Help For Domestic Violence Perpetrators | Respect Phoneline UK



From Citizens Advice
Domestic abuse Domestic abuse – Citizens Advice

From the NHS
Domestic violence, abuse or rape includes a number of articles Domestic violence, abuse or rape – NHS

From Patient info

From Buckinghamshire Council
Domestic abuse, honour based abuse and forced marriage Domestic abuse, honour based abuse and forced marriage | Buckinghamshire Council

From Wycombe Women’s Aid

From Sexual Health Buckinghamshire
Domestic violence Domestic Violence | Sexual Health Bucks

From Refuge

From the Children’s Society
“Are you a young person in an abusive relationship?”
Advice for young people Advice For Young People | The Children’s Society

From the NHS
Help after rape and sexual assault Help after rape and sexual assault – NHS

Domestic abuse Domestic abuse | Health topics A to Z | CKS | NICE

Further information on crime

For information on other crime, see under

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