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This page includes links to contact us pages (with telephone numbers, email addresses if available and addresses) for many local services, including urgent care services, community services, hospitals, social services, and diagnostics. This page also includes NHS choices service finders for various services which will give you the contact details for some commonly used health services closest to your postcode (such as a local pharmacist which is open).

You can find further contact details for many other national and local organisations, including charitable organisations under Bucks Health Hub, if you look under the relevant condition or topic.

For advice and guidance on which service to attend

If you are not sure then:

Medical emergencies

If you have an emergency then:

  • Call 999

Information on:

Mental health emergencies

If you have a mental health emergency then:

  • Call Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire mental health helpline: Call 111

Information on mental health emergencies including local and national support:

Social services

You can call about urgent and out of hours support:


If you have a safeguarding concern then contact

Urgent support – summary

Summary of local urgent support services

Local urgent treatment centres (Minor injury units)

Understand what a UTC treats:

Some local UTCs:

Wycombe Hospital

Mount Vernon Hospital

Hemel Hempstead

Health visitors

Local teams include

District Nurses

Local teams include

Community physiotherapy

Practice Plus Group MSK, Buckinghamshire

Palliative care

Rennie Grove

Buckinghamshire social care team

From Buckinghamshire Council

Slough social care team

Urgent and non-urgent

Community physiotherapy investigations

Practice Plus Group Diagnostics, Buckinghamshire (Cressex)

Hospital investigations (X-ray, scans and cardiology tests)

Buckinghamshire Health Care Trust

Wexham Park Hospital 

Hillingdon Hospital

Other hospitals

The websites and contact details for other local hospitals is included in the section below. You can search on their website for radiology (X-rays) and cardiology services, or ring switchboard who should be able to put you through to the correct service/department.


Local hospitals (telephone numbers and addresses):


Local hospitals (telephone numbers and addresses):

Greater london

Local hospitals (telephone numbers and addresses):


Local hospitals (telephone numbers and addresses):


Local hospitals (telephone numbers and addresses):

Find any hospital

You can enter the postcode, town or city in England in the NHS hospital finder to find any hospital



From Buckinghamshire Council

Private hospitals

A list of local private hospitals (including their contact details) which are often used by local residents is provided below. This is not a recommendation of any particular private hospital or clinician. There may be alternative smaller local private providers and some patients will find providers outside the local area. These are not all listed here due to capacity.

Each hospital lists their consultant, usually with information if they have a specialist interest, if they work in the NHS and their qualifications.

From BMI Healthcare

From Spire Healthcare
Spire Thames Valley Hospital (in Slough (near Windsor & Maidenhead) Private Hospital in Slough (Near Windsor & Maidenhead) | Spire Thames Valley Hospital

Mental Health Hospital
Cardinal clinic Cardinal Clinic – Private Mental Health Hospital in Windsor Berkshire

Other local private services

You can also search for private services using a number of search engines.

You can search using google for local private services. Search using the name of the closest large town to you and then the medical specialist name of who you want to see, so for example a skin specialist near High Wycombe search ” High Wycombe and private dermatology”.

This will list private dermatology services. Neither you or your GP can tell which is the best service, but you can compare prices and also you can review the qualifications of the specialist. Any specialist who continues to work in the NHS as a consultant will have their work scrutinized by the NHS. 

Private Health Care UK allow you to search for some local private services
Find a private hospital or clinic near you Private hospitals, surgery, treatment and services | Private Healthcare UK

NHS Service Finder

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