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What is an online consultation?

From NHS England
Online consultations what-is-an-online-consultation-patient-leaflet.pdf

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Are online doctor’s appointments the future for healthcare? Are online doctor’s appointments the future for healthcare? | Patient

What are the online consultation providers used by all the GP practices linked to this website?

As the NHS suggest
Your GP surgery contracts with one or more providers to deliver online consultations. The providers are commercial organisations. They provide a service on behalf of your GP surgery.

The online consultation providers include:


From Econsult

From NHS digital
Online consultations: “Online consultation is now available within the NHS App for practices who use eConsult and Engage Health”. Online consultations – NHS Digital


Online Triage Software  Online Triage Software | Klinik Healthcare Solutions

The benefits that Klinik suggest include

From Accurx


Practices can use Ask First to

  • Check your symptoms
  • Make general enquiries / admin requests (not enabled in all practices)
  • Find local services
  • Book appointments (not enabled in all practices)

The Ask First app enables patients to interact with a virtual health care assistant called Olivia, she asks a series of questions (approximately 15) to assess your symptoms. Using NICE accredited evidence based protocol, based on your responses, Olivia will recommend the most appropriate onward care which includes self-care advice (advice from trusted self-care health and wellness advice from NHS Choices), direction to urgent or emergency care or to contact your GP or other appropriate local NHS services using the NHS Directory of Service.

You can also book appointments through the Ask First app.  Patients are offered a choice of available appointment times which they can book or cancel directly from the app.

Setting up Ask First
Video:  setting up AskFirst  AskFirst – Setting up AskFirst – YouTube

From Sensley
Includes a Patient FAQ and an NHS FAQ at the bottom of the introduction page

You can find the online consultation provider used by your practice by looking under “online consultations” in the practice menu.

Local support to help you learn how to use the internet

There is local support to help with learning how to use a computer and the internet, see under

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