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Chronic Pain

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exercise AND WORK

As the NHS suggests
“Exercise and continuing to work if you can are key to managing persistent pain, also known as chronic pain, to help lead a fuller life.”
“Ways to manage chronic pain.” The NHS website. Retrieved 18th January 2023
Ways to manage chronic pain – NHS 

There is very good local support to help with


As the Personalised Care Institute suggest
Personalised care gives patients more control and choice when it comes to the way their care is planned and delivered, taking into account individual needs, preferences and circumstances.”
“What is personalised care?” The Personalised Care Institute. Retrieved 9th February 2024.

Support for a person with a long term condition needs to be broader than just focusing on medical needs but also involves considering what matters to them in supporting their overall wellbeing. This is delivered as personalised care which includes local support for physical, mental and social wellbeing. See under

Includes specific mental health support for patients with a long term condition.



From Pain Concern
Helpline Helpline – Pain Concern Pain Concern

From Pain UK
“Almost all of our member charities run helplines. To find the one that can help you, visit our member charities page and click on the logo of any charity that interests you.”
PAIN UK Member Charities


From the NHS
10 ways to reduce pain  10 ways to reduce pain – NHS

From the NHS, Patient info and NICE
Ways to manage chronic pain

From the NHS
How to get NHS help for your pain How to get NHS help for your pain – NHS

From Patient info
Painkillers Painkillers | What are they and how do they work? | Patient

From Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)
Detailed evidence-based guidelines produced for patients based on a systematic review of the scientific literature. Very helpfully the patient booklet, visually shows how strong the evidence is for any treatment recommendation made.
Managing chronic pain Managing chronic pain (

From Pain Concern

From Pain UK
Links to more than 40 websites providing information and support on various conditions which can be associated with pain
PAIN UK Member Charities

From the British Pain Society
Include a suggested reading list
People living with pain People living with Pain | British Pain Society

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