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Practice flu vaccinations

Practice flu clinics

Flu vaccination starts in September- October depending on when our first batch of flu vaccinations arrive for our practice.

Note for October 2023 – February 2024 season – we have vaccinated most of our eligible patients. If you still have not had your flu jab this winter, then call reception soon so that you do not miss out.

Who can have a free flu vaccine

Eligible patients
For adults who can have the flu vaccine can be found under

For children who can have the flu vaccine and where (GP surgery or school) can be found under

Not eligible
If you do not meet the criteria for a free flu vaccination and wish to have you flu vaccination please contact your local pharmacy.

Our practice recommendation for the flu vaccination

We recommend if you are in the eligible group for a free vaccination that you should at the very least give the flu vaccination serious consideration and also that if you are having the flu jab to do so at the earliest opportunity. We provide a link to answers for many of the common questions referred to below, see under

Understand the flu and the flu vaccination

Many people understandably have a large number of questions about flu and also the flu vaccination. Many of these questions are answered in the

The information centre answers questions on eligibility

  • Who is eligible for the flu vaccination each year (i.e., who is it recommended should be offered a free flu vaccination)?
  • Why is it if a person has a long-term health or some underlying condition the effects of flu can make the condition worse, even if the condition is well managed?
  • Why is the flu vaccination offered free to all pregnant women, to people with learning disabilities and for some carers?

If you are not part of the eligible group for a free vaccination, you can still get a flu vaccination from your local pharmacist, but you will have to pay for this.

The information centre answers questions on catching flu 

  • How you can self-care or get help from your pharmacist.
  • When you might need to get advice from 111 and when you might need to attend A&E (both particularly relevant if you are in the eligible group for a free flu vaccination but have not had the flu vaccination (i.e., in a higher risk group)).
  • Why antibiotics are not routinely used to treat flu.

Spotting sepsis

There is information on what signs and symptoms to look out for with sepsis, an uncommon but serious complication of flu, see under

Videos and podcasts

If any videos or podcasts are available on the flu vaccination they can be found under “vaccinations” in the section “wellbeing and disease prevention” on the page

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