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Your NHS Account

Your NHS account gives you direct access to the NHS and is something which all of us should consider, not just for the online access to your GP notes (allowing you to order repeat prescriptions, book and cancel appointments and review your GP practice test results) but also the added functionality which is only likely to increase over time.

View your GP health record

From the NHS
View your GP health record including your medical notes, test results, repeat medication, vaccinations, appointments and more View your GP health record – NHS

How an NHS account (NHS App or the NHS website) can help you

Your NHS account can allow you as a bare minimum to

  • order repeat prescriptions
  • book and manage appointments
  • view your GP health record
  • use NHS 111 online to answer questions and get instant advice or medical help near you.

Many people now have an NHS account, saving them significant time.

There are many more potential functions with an NHS account which you can access. These extra functions and how to set up an NHS account (NHS app or NHS website) are explained below:

The NHS explains how an NHS account can help you
You need to prove who you are to get full access to the NHS App. With full access you can:

Before proving who you are, you can use the NHS App to:

  • search trusted NHS information and advice on hundreds of conditions and treatments
  • find NHS services near you

Depending on your GP surgery or hospital, you may be able to use the NHS App to:

  • message your GP surgery or a health professional online
  • contact your GP surgery using an online form and get a reply
  • access health services on behalf of someone you care for
  • view and manage your hospital and other healthcare appointments
  • view useful links your doctor or health professional has shared with you
  • view and manage care plans”
    About your NHS account  About the NHS App – NHS

From the NHS
Download the NHS App or open the NHS website up and login to access a range of NHS services online.

The NHS provides detailed information about different aspects of an NHS account, see under

Some popular functions

Understanding your GP health record

There is support to help you understand different parts of your GP health record including:

Local support to help you learn how to use the internet

There is local support to help with learning how to use a computer and the internet, see under

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