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Local community and health campaigns

Local community services close to the practice

There are many organisations local to the practice providing a wide range of services and activities to the local community.

Find activities, groups and services near you

Websites for activities, groups and services across Buckinghamshire can be found under

Local transport services

Available local transport services to the practice and to local hospitals are found under

Organisations local to the practice which provide support

Below we include some of the organisations local to the practice which provide information on local activities and services:

From Farnham Royal Parish Council
Contact details for some clubs in Farnham Royal Links – Farnham Royal Parish Council

From the Stoke Poges Parish Council
Charitable support Stoke Poges Parish Council – Charities

The main parish councils serving our practice patient population are:

You can explore their websites to find any information not included in the sections above.

Local Parish Councils in Buckinghamshire

The main parish council local to the practice will have been included on this page. However, it is possible, particularly if you live on the boundary of the practice, that you may benefit from looking at what is available from other local parish councils.  Buckinghamshire Council provide a list of all the Parish Councils in Bucks including if available their website.

Councils and Parish Councils outside Buckinghamshire

Some patients, particularly those who live near the boundary of the practice, may find what is available outside Buckinghamshire relevant. On any council website for relevant information on activities look for services which include any of the words: leisure, health or wellbeing in the title.

You may find further information on local charities and activities under Activities, Services and Charitable Organisations.

Public health campaigns and strategies across the county

There are often county wide public health campaigns and strategies to improve health and social wellbeing, often led by the council and public health. These can be found under

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