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Infectious disease outbreaks (including Covid)

We include on this page information on any important infectious disease outbreak. The information is divided up into two sections for each infectious disease outbreak. Firstly, there is practice information on any change in practice processes relating to the disease outbreak and secondly local and national information on the disease including any specific steps being suggested by the local health care system.

The practice and Covid-19

Currently we have removed all protocols relating to Covid-19, if we see a surge in cases we may need to reintroduce these protocols and we will then update any new protocols in this section regularly.

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Understand Covid-19

National and local guidelines

National information and also the latest local guidelines on Covid-19 for both adults and children can be found under

Videos and podcasts

If any videos or podcasts are available on Covid-19 they can be found under “vaccinations” in the section “wellbeing and disease prevention” on the page

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