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Healthy living

Keeping healthy with local support

The good news is you can do a significant amount yourself to keep healthy without necessarily needing to attend your GP practice. There is excellent local support which you can access directly yourself (self-referral) including for:

Adopting lifestyle changes

It is important to acknowledge that changing any habit is not easy for any of us. Individually understanding how we can achieve any change on a permanent basis is an important step forward. There is more on this under

Other steps

There are some other steps which you can consider:

Mental, social and physical wellbeing

An attention to mental, social and physical wellbeing can make a real difference.

These areas should not necessarily be seen as separate, so for example joining a walking club can provide exercise which can help with mental wellbeing and give you the opportunity to meet other people.


Vaccinations can have an important protective effect if recommended. There is information on


Many of the screening services take place outside the practice (e.g., bowel screening). You can access bowel, breast, and aortic aneuysm screening if you have been recommended any of these and missed your opportunity, see under

We provide some screening services including cervical screening for which there is supportive information, see under

Health checks

This includes

Reduce your risk of ...

The “reduce your risk of … series” covers how you can reduce the risk associated with a number of common conditions which include medical conditions but also events such as falls and accidents, see under

Why is reducing risk important?

The ingredients of this series include the healthy living approach suggested above, but there are some important additional ideas. So, for example under stroke you will find how learning a very simple technique can help to reduce the risk of having a certain type of stroke. There is information on how your home can be made safer to reduce your chance of a fall or accident. Steps that can be taken to prevent 4 out of every 10 cancers ever occurring are covered.

All of this can mostly be achieved either in your home environment or with local support you can access without you needing to attend your GP practice.

Quality care checklists and local support

Quality care checklists are a form with a series of health questions and answers but unlike many forms, checklists are not submitted back to the practice when you complete them. They are for your own use to help you develop a better understanding of some of the benefits of tackling lifestyle risk factors and what local support is available to help you.

Living longer better - a long term vision for your health

A vision of wellbeing and disease prevention held by many medical leaders is covered under

Wellbeing and disease prevention - an overview

An overview of  wellbeing and disease prevention includes a link to population health management which is an important trend in health thinking, see under

Videos and podcasts

On the videos and podcasts page there are links to some relevant videos and podcasts covering various topics relating to wellbeing and disease prevention covering many aspects of healthy living.

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