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Update your personal details

Use our practice form to update your personal details

Please read the information below where relevant then
Complete and submit the online form:

Correct contact details can save you and us time

We rely on up-to-date contact details (Telephone number(s), address and name) in case we need to contact you (e.g., for screenings, vaccinations and appointment reminders) or if we need to do a referral. Also please note

  • if you move outside our practice boundary (see under practice boundary for details) then you will need to register with a new GP.
  • If your name has changed due to Marriage or by Deed Poll, can you please provide us with a copy of the appropriate document (requirement of Department of Health).

Veterans and carers

If you are a veteran or carer, we can give you better support if we know that, so please complete our “update your personal details” form. We explain more about our local support for veterans and carers under


We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about appointments and important notifications. If you have not previously registered for this service, you will need to register by completing our “update your personal details” form. Please remember to update your mobile number, as well as other contact details.

Personal details you can change

The update your personal form includes changes of

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number and/or communication consent
  • Email address and/ or communication consent
  • Emergency contact details
  • Register yourself as a Carer
  • Register yourself as a Veteran
  • Register yourself as a Student

Our automated digital assistant can help with online access to update your details

Our chatbot is an easy way to access a range of help and guidance to get set up online and best utilise your online services.
Launch digital help:

Use online access to your records to update your personal record

Log in

If you have online access, you can log in to change some personal details.
Log in to:

Obtain access to your records to change some personal details

To obtain online access, see under

Note: this does not cover all update options, such as carer, veteran and student registration.

Other ways to contact us about changes

You can also tell us

  • By email: You can email your request to the practice.
  • In person: You can drop in your change of details into our post box or directly to reception.
  • By post: You can post your change of details to us.

Our email and address can be found under

Update your clinical record

If you have been asked to update us with some health data (such as blood pressure readings, medication review data) then please fill in the relevant form found under

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