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Your patient participation group

Practice patient participation group

Our Patient Participation Group provides a volunteer-run communications link between the health centre and the patient community

  • To improve provision for our patients
  • To promote health and wellbeing in the community

The Patient Participation Group was formed in November 2016 and is a group of volunteers seeking to support and enhance the services provided by the Practice. The PPG aims to contribute to quality improvement by encouraging co-operation, collaboration and consultation.

A key objective is to involve patients from a cross section of the practice population and to establish patient reference groups. How the group communicates with a wide cross section of the ractice population is a key issue. Apart from more conventional means of communication.

The PPG committee is elected once a year at the AGM in March and current memberships are displayed on the Practice notice board in the foyer. Our group meets regularly approximately every 4 -5 weeks

Activities include

  • Publicise the services available to patients
    By holding workshops with existing groups and elsewhere in the village
    By other methods such as digital media, leaflets, and posters
  • Promote national and local health campaigns
  • Promote health and wellbeing in the community
  • Conduct targeted surveys of patients, and work with the health centre on implementing improvements
  • Support the health centre with non-medical activities
  • Share good practice through networking with the PPG network in Buckinghamshire.

What this is not
It is not a forum to discuss personal complaints but does welcome constructive criticism and ideas. Personal complaints should be dealt with through complaints process.

Who can join
All registered patients are welcome to join the PPG although, in the interests of effective decision making, membership of the core is limited to 12-15. Specialist sub-groups may be formed to deal with specific topics utilising individual skills and interests.

How often does the PPG meet
Our group meets regularly approximately every 4 -5 weeks

How to join – full participation
Our patient Participation Group is encouraging patients to give their views about how the Practice is performing. We would like our patients to be involved in shaping and improving the services we offer. Full participation involves attending PPG meetings and supporting the activities of the group.

If you are interested in joining our PPG please complete your details below using either the downloadable form or online form below.

Full Involvement

For full involvement you can
Download and complete the form:

Complete and submit the online form:


Active Members

  • Dr Tilly Siva
  • Jane Quince
  • Emily Freeman
  • Glenn Palmer
  • Dev Dhillon
  • Christine Reid
  • Wendy Keys
  • Fay Fletcher
  • Victoria Veninga
  • Ruth Highfield

Our group meets regularly approximately every 4 -5 weeks.

2023 Minutes include 

  • To be added

Ground Rules (Terms of Reference)

  • The Group is not a forum to air individual complaints and issues
  • We advocate open and honest communication challenge between individuals
  • All views are valid and will be listened to, ask for help, and support each other
  • Silence indicates agreement – speak up, but always go through the Chair
  • Racism and discrimination will not be tolerated
  • No phones or other disruptions during meetings
  • We will start and finish on time and stick to the agenda
  • All communications issued by the PPG will first be agreed by the Group
  • No communications about the group will be issued by individual members
  • A review of the PPG’s progress action plan and membership will take place after 12 months…. To be agreed with the PPG
  • Brief notes (not detailed minutes) will be made recording key actions and decisions only notes will be included in the public domain and will not include confidential matters
  • A Chairperson and Secretary shall be appointed on a regular basis to be decided by the group
  • The Chair shall be in post for a period of one (1) year, but can be re- elected
  • The Chair and Secretary must be members of this practice, all members of PPG must be patients

The PPG has a Constitution in place and can be viewed here:

You can contact us In the following ways:

By post:
Patient Participation Group
Southmead Surgery
Blackpond Lane
Farnham Common

By email:
[email protected]

We use feedback from patients, including from the friends and family test and other patient surveys (see under Patient Survey Ratings) to improve our service.

We share and discuss this information with our patient participation group and consider ways we can improve. See further under Practice Improvement, how this information might be used.

Local public consultations, surveys and engagement activities

A patient participation group can also influence wider consultations occurring in the local area which go beyond the practice. A collective opinion from a patient participation group can help influence local changes. You can also have your say individually.

Have your say on health services across Buckinghamshire
Under the section “Your opportunity to give your view on health care across Buckinghamshire” on the page Local and National Health News there is an explanation and links to how you can give your view on present health services and future plans on health across Buckinghamshire.

Understand patient participation groups (PPGs)

There is detailed information on PPGs under Patient Participation Groups (PPGs).

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