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A better practice for all

Good access to care for everyone

We aim to support good access to the practice at different levels which include:

Physical access

We want to create an environment which gives access to everyone. We set out some of our policies and local services which can support access:

Access to your medical record

Online access to your medical record can allow you to book and change appointments, order prescriptions, review any test results and review your notes. This is easy to arrange and we explain the benefits and how to do it under

Support using a computer and the internet

There is local support to help with learning how to use a computer and the internet found under

Bucks Health Hub

If you want to explore more information on health and social care particularly relating to the local area, we recommend you look at

Easy read information

Easy Read is a way of making written information easier to understand. Our easy read page is a good source of some helpful easy read leaflets on common health conditions and services, see under

Support using a computer and the internet

There is local support to help with learning how to use a computer and the internet found under


We also want the information to be accessible at all levels as we explain in our

Vulnerable people

We provide detailed information on how with local colleagues some groups of patients who may be more vulnerable are supported, see under

This includes

  • Veterans
  • Carers
  • People with dementia
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People who are homeless
  • Travelers
  • Asylum seekers

Children and young people

We explain how we want to make children and young people feel welcome in our practice, see under

Improving our practice performance and safety

We aim to continually improve our practice performance and keep you safe in the practice.

Our relationship with you

Our relationships with patients is a key factor in our performance as a practice and we include policies and information which support this

The friends and family test

We welcome feedback on your experience, including good experiences and where we can improve. This can be done easily through the Friends and Family Test which we link to here with further explanation:

Your patient participation group (PPG)

A PPG works with the practice to help improve the service for all patients. More information on PPGs and how you can join the practice PPG can be found under

Keeping your appointments and coming on time helps us with our service

This not only good for you but also for other patients as explained with some ideas which may help you in the section “supporting all patients with better appointment access” under

A safe environment

Our policies and information supporting a safe environment include

Our policies supporting individual patients to feel safer includes

Feeling safe

Feeling safe is about knowing what to expect with any illness, and knowing what to do and where to go when the unexpected happens for both you or your child. We provide information which will help you with this

Improving NHS performance and your choices to opt out

There are number of steps which are taken purely to improve the performance of the NHS but you can opt out of all these options if you wish. This is explained further:

Training practice

We are also involved in training other clinicians including doctors and we provide more information on this in general under

Clinical trials

Occasionally the practice may be involved in local clinical research for which any patient involvement would be on a voluntary basis. We provide more information on this under

Information technology

Technology can improve patient care and we describe some steps we have taken to integrate technology into our practice, see under

Practice work improving performance

We describe some of the work we have done to improve our practice performance, see under

A better consultation

We aim to improve the quality of your consultation and your experience of care

Continuity of care

Choosing who you see particularly for an ongoing problem can make a difference which is explained further under

Consultation support

This can help if needed and is explained here

Shared decision making

Though consultations are relatively short (10 minutes) there are a number of steps which can help which include:

  • An understanding of Shared Decision Making can help you plan what you want from the consultation.
  • An understanding of what your options are can be helpful and a review of Bucks Health Hub may help with this understanding.
  • Reviewing other patient’s experiences of some common health conditions found under Videos and Podcasts can give a different non-medical perspective.

Understanding your medication and obtaining repeat prescriptions

For how to order repeat prescriptions, including with online access, and also understand your medication better, see under

prescriptions and medication

Understanding and following up your investigations

For how to review your results, including with online access, and also understand your results better, see under

Following up any referrals

Once your NHS or private referral has been completed, you can change hospital appointments yourself, see under


Staying safe is about knowing what to expect with any illness. Many conditions either get better on their own or improve with simple treatments. Occasionally symptoms may develop which can indicate the development of a serious condition. We consider some serious conditions and what symptoms, and signs might suggest urgent action.

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