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Our automated digital assistant can help with online access to your GP health record

Our chatbot is an easy way to access a range of help and guidance to get set up online and best utilise your online services.
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Our digital assistant provides help with:

  • getting set up with the online apps
  • booking certain appointment types using online apps
  • managing and checking appointments
  • accessing your medical record and test results
  • managing and requesting prescriptions
  • requesting sick notes or Med3
  • requesting proxy access
  • finding your NHS Number

Register for online access to your record, prescriptions, investigations and appointments

If you are not already registered for online access to your record, the option we recommend is the NHS Account (through the NHS App or the NHS website).

The NHS provides guidance on how to set up an account.

Patients can have access to the following online services:

  • Request repeat medication (a pharmacy nomination is required for this service)
  • Book/cancel appointments
  • View practice blood test results (investigations)
  • View medical records (medication, allergies & adverse reactions)
  • Change personal details

Further information

Your NHS account provides a number of other services, see under:

Online access in our practice

To get the latest data go to the page Patient Online Management Information (POMI) – NHS Digital

  • Click on “Interactive Dashboard for latest reporting month” in the box “Key Facts”
  • Click on “Online services at my GP practice” then
  • enter the practice name under 2) “Search for your GP practice” by scrolling or typing below the box to search
  • You will then have the latest online access percentages for the practice

We would like to encourage online access to reach close to 100%, because we believe it can offer real benefits for patients.

Proxy access: allowing another person to access your notes on your behalf

Proxy access allows parents, family members and carers to access health services on behalf of other people. For example, children, dependants you care for, and relatives.


Giving access to someone else to your health record can be very helpful for you. However, your medical records are confidential, so only you can authorise someone else to have access. This is explained further under

Proxy access form

If you have made your decision about proxy access, you can:
Download and complete the form:

Understand online access to your records

Further information on online access

More information on online access including some of the advantages and proxy access can be found under

Support using a computer and the internet

There is local support to help with learning how to use a computer and the internet found under

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