Contact details and self-referral

Some popular telephone numbers and self-referrals

Popular telephone numbers

Health Visitors

  • Denham Health Visitor 01753 888835
  • Iver Heath Health Visitor 01753 888835
  • Uxbridge Health Visitor 01895 252 461

Popular self referrals

Extensive links to telephone numbers and popular self-referrals our patients like to access can be found in the sections below. In particular for self-referrals see under “outside practice self-referrals”.

Telephone numbers and local service finder

Local and national services

Links to contact us pages (with telephone numbers, email addresses and addresses) for many local services, including urgent care services, community services, hospitals, social services, and diagnostics can be found under

Further contact details for many other national and local organisations, including charitable organisations can be found under the relevant condition or topic, see under

Services local to the practice

Below some of the telephone numbers of services local to the practice are included.

Community teams

Health Visitors

  • Denham Health Visitor 01753 888835
  • Iver Heath Health Visitor 01753 888835
  • Uxbridge Health Visitor 01895 252 461

Palliative care team

  • Hospice at Home Nursing Teams for South Bucks and Wycombe Tel: 01494 877200


For directions and information on local services, see under

On a computer search under “Nearby” using chemists, chemists open near me, hospitals, opticians or dentists to find local services, with their telephone numbers, websites and directions to these local services.


Self-referral involves accessing NHS health services and other support yourself without needing an appointment with your GP. This is explained further by patient info

In practice self-referrals

There are new roles and services which have been created in practices which may help you avoid the need to wait for a GP appointment.

These services and roles are provided through local practices working together (Our Primary Care Network), external organisations or created by our practice. You can self-refer to this support without needing to go through a doctor. We have included details below:


Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

First Contact Practitioners who work at our practice are physiotherapists with enhanced skills. They can help patients with musculoskeletal issues by assessing and diagnosing issues, giving expert advice on how best to manage their conditions & referring them onto specialist services if necessary. They are able to request MRI and Ultrasounds if they feel it’s appropriate.

There is more information on physiotherapists under Additional Roles.

Access support

To access this support please contact

  • Reception

Social prescriber

A social prescriber connects people with local community activities and services that can help improve their health and wellbeing. So, this might include support with fixing housing issues, helping you adopt healthy habits, support with managing your mental health, or overcoming loneliness.

There is more information on social prescribers under Additional Roles.

Access support

To access this support please contact

  • Reception

If this service is not available through the practice or PCN then you can contact Prevention Matters – Connection Support who though not connected to the practice offer a similar service.

Outside practice self-referrals

Local and national self-referral pathways

Local and national self-referral routes can be found under the relevant topic, see

Commonly used self-referral pathways

Links to some of the more commonly used local and national self-referral pathways, found on Bucks Health Hub, are included below:

Mental, social and physical wellbeing

General wellbeing for everyone

Healthy living

Local support to help develop a healthy lifestyle

Health conditions

Search for self-referrals for health conditions
To search for self -referrals for health conditions, if you access Bucks Health Hub and then either use the main menu or search site function.

Popular self-referrals:

Pregnancy and sexual health


Children and young people (under 18)


Local screening services (including when available)

  • Diabetic eye screening – booking an appointment  Screening
  • Breast screening – booking an appointment Screening
  • Bowel screening – obtaining a home testing kit Screening
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening – booking an appointment Screening
  • Chlamydia screening for under-25s – obtaining a free postal testing kit online Screening

NHS community teams



Vulnerable people

Local support for some patient groups


Support organisations

General support services

Community services

Important organisations providing a range of services

Social activities and other services local to the practice

The majority of local services can be found through the sections above, but the council have provided a search engine for social activities and some services which can bring health benefits. Also, there may be some clinics local to the practice which have not been included above. These are linked to below:

Activities and services across Buckinghamshire

From Buckinghamshire council
You can search for local services and activities near you

Activities and services local to the practice

There may be activities and services in the local community, which if available can be found under


The majority of important clinics and services available on the NHS have been included in the sections above. There may be some clinics/services which are local to the practice which have not been included above and some of these can be found under:

Private care

Many patients even if they do not have health insurance may end up using some form of private care. Sometimes this is done for a quicker appointment, sometimes it is done for services not available on the NHS or for more extensive treatment that cannot be provided on the NHS (e.g., longer and more sessions of physiotherapy). Some of this care can be accessed without you needing to see your GP. We make no personal recommendations on any private services.

Local private care

Private community services

Private care in general (includes private counsellors, minor and cosmetic surgery)

Private services on our premises

Any private services provided on our premises (e.g., private podiatrist) if available can normally be found under

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