A Focus on Mental Health

“Most of us feel sad, anxious, low or stressed now and again in response to things that happen in our life. Whilst for most people this is short lived, for others it can cause ongoing distress.” NHS Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies.

Local support for mental health

In Buckinghamshire there is excellent local support for many common mental health conditions. An important part of this support can be accessed directly without requiring a GP referral by referring yourself (self-referral). This is covered on our practice mental health page found under:

An overview of our practice mental health page

The practice “mental health” page offers a summary of some of the information available on Bucks Health Hub. The page is split into sections which can provide help at different levels for different mental health conditions, not just anxiety and depression.

The wellbeing section links to pages with simple ideas which can help a range of people with mild to significant symptoms and is a good place to start with ideas that are easier to put in place.

The mental health section covers a number of conditions and includes free local support you can access directly without having to see a GP, including talking therapies. This section also refers to some of the local support for other potentially important factors which can significantly impact mental health including alcohol and drugs, school, work, finances and much more.

Quality care check list
The quality care check list for anxiety and depression takes you through a series of questions and answers which can help you develop a better understanding of your condition and what the local support is.

Videos and podcasts
At the bottom of the practice page there is a link to videos and podcasts which include mental health. Again these can provide a different way to understand your health condition.

New services or websites added to Bucks Health Hub

Personality disorder and complex needs service
For patients who think they might have personality disorder and complex needs there is a new local self-referral (direct access) service available which can be found under Other Mental Health Conditions (Adults) on Bucks Health Hub.

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