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Econsult: online consultations for routine medical problems and admin queries

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Econsult is available from 2pm on Monday – Thursday and from  8-10 am on Fridays to register your enquiry.

Econsult explained in a short video

We recommend you read our practice process for online consultations below and then access an online consultation using our Econsult service.

Our Econsult online consultation practice process

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Patients should only use online consultations to send routine medical problems and admin queries. You should use 111 or 999 if you think you have an acute medical condition that may require immediate treatment.
  • By using online consultations, we can triage your problem and make sure you only need to visit the practice or another service if it’s absolutely necessary. An online consultation can help you to get the care you need at the earliest opportunity.
  • Our online consultation system is easy to use and you can access using a smart phone, tablet or computer. The system we use is secure and safe.
  • You can access our online consultation program by clicking on the box “online consultations” found on the top of every page.
  • Each online consultation is reviewed by an appropriately qualified clinician, who will make a decision about your care using the information gathered from your reply and your medical record.
  • We rely on your reply so when completing an online consultation, a FULLY completed questionnaire is far more useful than a partially completed one. Please take the time to answer all questions and provide as much information about your medical condition as you can.
  • Online consultations are available at 2pm Mon-Thursday and 8am on Friday and messages are reviewed within 48 hours.  Patients should only use it to send routine medical problems and admin queries.  You should use 111 or 999 if you think you have an acute medical condition that may require immediate treatment.
  • The service can also be used for admin enquiries as well. These will then be processed by the most appropriate team, e.g., a member of our administrative team or our medical secretary.
  • Most questionnaires can be completed in 5 – 10 minutes, complex problems or multiple problems may take longer.

You can use Econsult to:

  • Request an urgent, routine or follow-up appointment with a GP or any other clinician
  • Submit a medication or prescription query
  • Request a fit/sick Note
  • Raise a query concerning a referral or request an insurance report or private letter
  • Enquire about self-care or have a social prescribing query
  • Submit information requested by us.

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Online consultations: “Online consultation is now available within the NHS App for practices who use eConsult and Engage Health”. Online consultations – NHS Digital

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