Our primary care network

Dashwood (Wycombe) primary care network

We are a group of 6 practices which include

Our Primary Care Network supports a local population of 54,952.

Our core values include

  • Care and compassion
  • Dignity and respect
  • Openness, honesty and responsibility
  • Quality and teamwork

Agreed priorities across the PCN include

In general

  • Improved access
  • Mental health

Frailty and care homes

  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Medications reviews
  • Social prescribing

Cancer care
Improve coordination, communication and input into serious cases.

IT/ Data Sharing
Data sharing to be better enabled between practices to allow improved joint working.

The PCN management team includes

  • Accountable Clinical Director – Dr Arnab Bera
  • Manager – Debbie Comley & Kailash Kanojia

The PCN clinical team
The PCN clinical team working in our practice is included under “additional clinical and non-clinical support” in

There is a PCN representative from each practice which includes

  • Carrington House Surgery – Debbie Comley

Better access to local practice appointments outside usual surgery hours

Local practices are working together to offer patients better access to practice appointments, known as the ‘Improved Access’ Service. You can find out how to book an improved access appointment in the section “Appointments outside usual surgery hours” under

Self-refer to our primary care network

In practice self-referrals

There are some PCN services which you can self-refer to (access directly without needing to go through your doctor). You can find these “in practice self-referrals” in the self-referral section under

Further information on PCN roles

General information about these PCN roles can be found under

Understand primary care networks

Why are GP practices working together?

As NHS England suggest “Since the NHS was created in 1948, the population has grown and people are living longer. Many people are living with long term conditions such as diabetes and heart disease or suffer with mental health issues and may need to access their local health services more often. To meet these needs, GP practices are working together with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local areas in groups of practices known as primary care networks (PCNs). Each of the 1,250 PCNs across England are based on GP registered patient lists, typically serving natural communities of between 30,000 to 50,000 people. They are small enough to provide the personal care valued by both people and GPs, but large enough to have impact and economies of scale through better collaboration between GP practices and others in the local health and social care system.”
“Primary care networks” Primary Care. NHS England website. Retrieved 14 February 2023.

Further information

You can find general information on PCNs under

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