Organ donation

You have a choice about organ donation

As the NHS Blood and Transplant suggest
“The law around organ donation in England has changed. All adults in England are now considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an ‘opt out’ system. You still have a choice whether or not you wish to become a donor. “ What is the opt out system? – NHS Organ Donation

Importantly they point out to the question “Will you automatically take my organs if I don’t opt out?
“No. Your family would always be involved before donation takes place, so it is really important that you choose whether you want to be a donor and discuss what you want to happen with your family, so your decision is clear and they can have peace of mind knowing that your decision is being honoured.” What is the opt out system? – NHS Organ Donation

So even if you would want to opt in it is still worth confirming this and telling your family.

Registering your decision

From NHS Blood and Transplant
Register your decision Register your decision – NHS Organ Donation

Alternatively, you can do this by logging in to your NHS account

Frequently asked questions

What information is available to help you make a decision?
From NHS Blood and Transplant

Why is it worth doing?
Real life stories – Read about people whose lives have been dramatically affected by organ donation Real life stories – NHS Organ Donation

What other opportunities do I have to help including donating blood?
From NHS Blood and Transplant
We help people do something extraordinary – donate blood, organs, tissues or stem cells to save someone in need”
How you can help:  Every donation counts your donation will give a lifeline to someone in need Donate – NHS Blood and Transplant



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