A focus on using our practice website

Our practice website links to a large central website called Bucks Health Hub, which is shared by a number of practices in Buckinghamshire. You can access Bucks Health Hub from the home page or the dark blue ribbon on the top of each page of our practice website.

How do you find the information you want?

Search functions and menus for two websites
A simple way of thinking about it is that our own practice information is held on our practice website, while shared clinical and service information is held on Bucks Health Hub.

You can search either our practice website or Bucks Health Hub website using their

  • Search functions which are both on the dark blue ribbon at the top of the page for each respective website.
  • Menus (our practice website has one menu “your Practice”, while Bucks Health Hub has 2 menus covering 6 areas).

So for example if you wanted to find information about the practice management of prescriptions search on our practice website, but if you want to find clinical information such as on asthma search on Bucks Health Hub.

How to complete a search using simple words
When searching for information, if you do not find what you want using the search function, then use simple words, as the exact title you are looking for may not have been used on the site. So for example if you are searching on the Bucks Health Hub website for any information on “how to use an easi-breathe inhaler” for your asthma, and “easi-breathe” brings up nothing on your search, then just search using simpler words such as “asthma” or “inhalers” and you will find information on all inhalers. Similarly, on our practice website, if you are searching for a self-referral to a local hospital for maternity care, rather than use the name of the hospital, keep it simple and search under “pregnancy” or “maternity” and you will find the page with a link to the hospital of your choice.

Practice home page and quick links
On the top of our practice home page there are 4 boxes which link to pages we consider particularly important in supporting you, these are then repeated on every page. We also have “quick links” on the home page which link to popular pages or pages we consider important. Some popular quick links include MedicationTest ResultsReferralsPopular Practice Forms, and Popular Self-Referrals.

Specialist practice pages linking to Bucks Health Hub and local support
To help you further we have created specialist practice pages. Almost all practice pages have at least one link to Bucks Health Hub (acting as an index), but a few pages have extensive links to give a more all rounded perspective on your health and the support for it. These specialist pages are found on our main menu but are included here:

These specialist pages collect all the relevant information on Bucks Health Hub relating to a topic (such as healthy living) and include it on the one page. This holistic view on your health can give you a greater range of options (including local support) which you can chose from.

On going information to help you understand our practice website

A focus on series of news posts – Our practice
To further help you understand the range of information available on our practice website and Bucks Health Hub we will periodically focus in on some important practice pages and how our practice website can help you. These news posts can be found either under the quick links section on our home page (with the four latest posts), or under our past news posts found under “News” on the top dark blue ribbon on the top of each practice page.

A focus on series of news posts – Buck Health Hub
Finally under

We may from time to time focus on a page of interest on Bucks Health Hub.

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