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New patients

Welcome to our practice - 4 simple steps to registration

We are always pleased to welcome new patients. We recommend your read all the information on this page to get the best experience from our practice. There are a number of simple steps to help you register with us.

1 Confirm you live within our practice boundary

We can only register patients who live in our catchment area. You can confirm if you live within our boundary using the map and postcode checker under practice boundary. If you do not live within our boundary or move outside, we explain how to find a new GP practice and the process of transferring care to your new practice.

Moving within our practice boundary
If you move address within our practice area (including if you change your telephone number or any other details) we require you let us know. You can use our update your personal details form.

Moving outside our practice boundary
Please be aware that if you move out of the catchment area of the practice you will be asked either to register with a practice that is in the area you have moved to or, alternatively, you will be asked to re-register with us as an “out of area” patient.

If you live or move outside our practice boundary you can find another practice by using the NHS choices search
Find a GP – NHS 

Registering with a new practice
When you move practice, you do not need to tell your present practice, as when you register with a new practice your notes are automatically moved electronically to your new practice.

Transferring your care to your new practice
The transfer process is not always quick. So, getting an appointment with your new practice or repeat medication can take time. So, we recommend you register immediately with your new practice rather than waiting for a medical problem to arise. In addition, if you are on repeat medication, we recommend you obtain an adequate medication supply from your present practice to cover the period before you are fully registered with your new practice (at least 1 month is recommended).

2 Complete our two registration forms

Please complete the two following forms:

You can download a GMS1 form (or obtain one from reception) and bring this in with your other documentation.

Download and complete the form:

Before registering with our practice, if you are on repeat medication, we recommend you obtain at least a one-month supply from your previous practice in case there is any delay in the registration process.

Finding your NHS number
To fill in the GMS1 form you need your NHS number. You can obtain this from the GP practice you were previously registered at. You can also find it using NHS choices.
Find your NHS number Find your NHS number – NHS

Please can you also complete the relevant new patient practice questionnaire. You can download this form (or obtain one from reception) and bring this in with your other documentation.

Download and complete the form:

For other support joining our practice it is worth reviewing the information under the section “Further practice information and support” at the bottom of this page which includes support for homeless people, carers and veterans.

Other forms you can access before and after joining our practice

We have already included some of the following options in our New Patient Questionnaire. However, you can at any point after joining our practice use the forms linked to below do any of the following:

Online access to your records
Using the forms found under Online Access To Your Records you can obtain:

  • Access to your medical record online for booking appointments, requesting repeat medication, and reviewing you notes including any test results.
  • Proxy access (allowing other people to access your medical records and health services on your behalf)

Your medical records
Using forms found in Your Medical Records you can review your options and opt out if you so wish for:

  • Summary care record (Summary of your record which can be accessed outside the practice [e.g., A&E])
  • Sharing your data for research and planning in the NHS
  • Organ donation

Update your personal details
Using the form found under Update Your Personal Details you can tell us if we are not aware that you are a:

You can also use this form to tell us of any changes to your personal details including:

  • Phone number / communication consent (e.g., for texts)
  • Email Address / communication consent
  • Emergency Contact Details

Join our patient participation group
You can join our patient participation group at any stage. There is a form to do so, and more information found under Your Patient Participation Group.

Please read our practice registration process below. If you are only temporarily living in our area (less than 3 months) please review the information below on temporary patient registration.

When you first join our practice, we require you to complete an NHS registration form (GMS1).

It is also the policy of this practice to require you to complete “new patient practice registration form” before we register you as a patient. This will include proof of identity and residence and details of your ethnicity (if you agree).

It is important for us to have details of your medical history and that of any other members of your family, who might be registering at the same time. This will give us immediate medical information as your medical records may take weeks to reach us from your last doctor via the Health Authority.

It is therefore very important that this form is completed as accurately and fully as possible. This will enable us to give you the best medical service.

All new patients are given a Patient Agreement when joining the practice.

As NHS choices suggest
“You can register as a temporary resident if you plan to live near the GP surgery for up to 3 months. After 3 months you will have to apply to register with that surgery as a permanent resident. You can register temporarily with a GP surgery while away from home for work, study or on holiday. You’ll remain registered with your permanent GP surgery.”

As NHS choices suggest with emergency care
Practices do not have to accept you as a temporary patient but “you can still receive emergency treatment for up to 14 days”.

We recommend if you are a temporary resident looking for emergency care you first call 111, who will ensure you are directed to the correct service (including local minor injuries units and A&E). There is more information on local support under Urgent Care And Out Of Hours.

This is all explained in more detail by NHS choices

Temporary registration form
You can download the temporary registration form GMS3/99 which if we agree to take you on as a temporary resident we will ask you to fill in.

Download and complete the form:

consider if another service is more appropriate

Consider the following services which may be more appropriate:

Some other contact details for local services can found under:

3 Provide proof of identity and residence documentation

We require you to provide:

Photograph identification which includes your date of birth, such as a passport, or photo-card driving licence.

Proof of residency (address) in the form of an official document such as a bank statement, tenancy agreement, council tax bill, or utility bill. These should be dated within the last 3 months.

We will need to photocopy these for our records. We are unable to register you without this information. Photo ID and proof of residency is not required for patients under the age of 18.

4 Complete a new patient registration check

As a new patient, if you wish to have an initial consultation with a doctor or practice nurse about a health concern you are invited to do so. This will be at your discretion. We will however, require the following people to have a “new patient registration check”

  • All patients on repeat medication
  • All patients with medical conditions, as highlighted within the new patient questionnaire document

This check can be carried out by a doctor during any other consultation or by a practice nurse.

Obtain online access to your medical records and consider proxy access

Online access to your medical record
Though obtaining online access to your medical record (including access to your prescriptions, investigations and to book an appointment) is not part of the registration process we strongly recommend this step to allow you the most efficient experience of the practice. This is explained further under Online Access To Your Record, including a relevant form.

Your option to give someone else access to your medical record (proxy access)
Giving access to someone else to your health record can be very helpful for you. However, your medical records are confidential, so only you can authorise someone else to have access. This is explained further under Proxy Access, and you can obtain proxy access using the form found under Online Access To Your Record.

Log in when you have obtained online access
Once you have obtained online access (as explained above) you will easily be able to log in and book appointments, order prescriptions and review your results.

If you have online access, you can
Log in to:

Further practice information and support

Change of your personal details
Please can you help us keep your records up to date by notifying us immediately of any changes (such as with your name, address, or telephone numbers (mobile and land line)). If we do not have the correct details, we risk not been able to contact you when we need to.

How to do this is explained under Update your personal details.

Moving outside our practice boundary
Please note that we can only register patients who live within our practice boundary, so if you do move outside our catchment area you will need to register with a GP practice who covers the area you have moved into, or, alternatively, you will be asked to re-register with us as an “out of area” patient.

We recommend you start on the page need medical help? start here. This takes you through a series of steps and includes the process of Booking an appointment in our practice. If you want to explore more information on health and social care particularly relating to the local area, we recommend you look at the Bucks Health Hub.

When your registration is processed you will be allocated a named GP. You will be informed of this by letter or email. Please see what this actually means under Named GP and continuity of care, which also explains the benefits of continuity of care (seeing the same clinician for a particular problem whoever that clinician is).

As is explained there will be times when your allocated GP is not available, but you are free to see any other GP within the Practice.

Support for potentially vulnerable people includes

  • Veterans and service families
  • Carers
  • People with dementia
  • People with a learning disability
  • People who are homeless
  • People who are from the Gypsy, Roma and traveller communities
  • People who are asylum seekers, refugees and migrants
  • People who are at risk of abuse or neglect

This section covers what the practice offers and how local and national services support these groups.

Visiting from abroad
NHS choices explain how to access NHS services in England if you are visiting from abroad How to access NHS services in England if you are visiting from abroad – NHS

Rights to NHS services for migrants and how to access services
Gov UK provide a guide which can help the many migrants who will come from countries with very different health care systems to the UK. This guide can help to:

  • explain to new patients how the NHS operates
  • explore with them how this compares to the healthcare system that they’ve been used to

This guidance is about NHS entitlements in England   NHS entitlements: migrant health guide – GOV.UK
This includes

Practice and hospital translation (interpretation) services
You can find out how to access translation services to support you in a consultation with a doctor or nurse in the practice or in a hospital under about the practice.

Other information
There is further information under Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants.

We offer for the following patients other health checks including:

To help you understand the practice better we have created a virtual practice brochure. Under a better practice for all  we cover access to the surgery, how we aim to improve practice performance and safety, and help you have better consultations.

Further details can be found on

From the Royal College of General Practitioners
It’s Your Practice: A patient guide to GP service rcgp_iyp_full_booklet_web_version.pdf

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