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Patient survey ratings

Our practice GP patient survey results

Ipsos Mori provide the latest GP survey for all practices, you can search any practice using the practice name or postcode under

From Ipsos Mori – GP patient survey

Friends and family test (FFT)

Friends and family results and our practice response

From time to time, we may include information in this section on our “friends and family test” feedback results. In addition, this feedback where appropriate may be discussed with the practice, see under

Explanation of friends and family test

The friends and family test is explained in detail, including a short video, see under

Complete a friends and family test

To complete a friends and family test, see under

NHS practice ratings

The feedback left on the NHS website is included for completeness. The one problem is that the numbers involved are small and a better reflection of the overall service is provided by the patient surveys which involves larger numbers of patients who use the service.

From NHS: Ratings and reviews

I want great care

iWantGreatCare allows patients to provide ratings and reviews of our service. This feedback is anonymous so your doctor will not identify you unless you choose to include confidential details in your review or feedback. Some patient reviews for the surgery can be found here:


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