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About the practice

The past, present and future of Burnham Health Centre

We are a practice of approximately 20,000 patients covering the areas of Burnham, Taplow and some neighbouring areas.

Burnham Health Centre was opened in 1971. The patients came from an amalgamation of three local practices. The original Burnham practice moved to this site from the High Street home of Dr Maxwell Summers. Burnham Health Centre merged with Taplow Health Centre in April 2015.

All the doctors in the practice have at some time, worked in local hospitals before they joined our practice team. The team at Burnham Health Centre comprises of doctors, practice nurses, district nurses, health visitors, midwife and other specialist staff, which include a community podiatrist and physiotherapist. We all work together to offer the best medical services to our 22000 patients. We are also a training practice and usually have between 2 and 5 GP registrars working with us for periods of up to 12 months whilst they train to become a GP in their own right.

We will always seek to be at the forefront of primary care and also to provide services in the locality. We have a diabetic retinopathy clinic, anti-coagulation clinics, physiotherapy services, and both adult and young person’s Mental Health clinics currently running at the practice.

Planned development will ensure that Burnham Health Centre is equipped to deal with the increasing demand to provide quality care to our patients. In partnership with Burnham Health Promotion Trust, the practice will embrace the broader view of “health” by providing facilities as a drop in clinics, Citizens Advice Bureau, Youth Counselling, Diabetic Education and various carers groups. We also provide support to those people of all ages and genders, who are subject to domestic violence.

Our Primary Care Network
We work with a number of local practices to improve the support we give local patients. We explain this further under

Training practice

We are accredited as a Training Practice for GP Specialty Trainees. When you are offered an appointment, this may be with one of our GP trainees. Our GP trainees occasionally video their consultations for learning purposes. They will always ask your permission in the consultation, but if you object to your consultation being recorded, you can also let us know when booking an appointment. This is explained in more detail below.

Our GP trainees are fully supervised by our GP trainers. Dr Jamil, Dr Rajsingh, Dr Bhargava and Dr Kochhar are the current GP Trainers. This enables the practice to train five GP Registrars each year.

Our present GP trainees are included under our practice team.

We have much more detailed information about GP training under Training practice.

As part of their ongoing training and qualification the GP Registrars are required to present some video consultations to the Royal College of General Practitioners. Our GP trainees also occasionally video their consultations for learning purposes. Patients may be asked to allow their consultation to be videoed. This will only be done with the full, unequivocal consent of the patient concerned. They will always ask your permission in the consultation, but if you object to your consultation being recorded, you can also let us know when booking an appointment.

This Practice is also involved in the training of 5th year medical students from Guy’s, Kings and St Thomas’s Hospital and University College Hospital.

The Practice boundary

A map of our area is available under Practice boundary. Please note that we can only register patients who live in our catchment area, so if you do move outside our practice boundary you will need to register with a GP practice who covers the area you have moved into.

Practice brochure

You can see our Virtual Practice Brochure which takes you through some important elements of our practice support.


Disabled bays
Individuals with Blue Disabled Parking Badges are able to park in the disabled parking bays.

Please use alternatives if using local shops
Please note the surgery car park should only be used by patients who have an appointment at the surgery.

Translation service

A local translation (interpreting) service is available free of charge for patients using GP and NHS hospital services in England. This also includes interpreting for people who are deaf or deaf. A member of our reception team can arrange an interpreter for a consultation in the practice or for telephone consultations. For any hospital appointment contact the hospital department dealing with your treatment or appointment and they will arrange an interpreter.

Please let us know if you need interpreting help as soon as possible to make sure we can have an interpreter in place for your consultation at the practice (ideally this should be when you make the appointment at the practice).

We do not allow any family member or friend to act as interpreters during any treatments or appointments at the practice.

Practice forms and registration

You can find our practice forms under Practice forms and registration.

Practice policies

You can find our practice policies under Practice policies.

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